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Pricing is a subjective measure and it's dependent on multiple factors. We will give you a rough estimate over the phone and once we arrive at the site, the final price will be given. The pricing factors are based on the following:

 1) Space Requirements:

We have prices for a full truck load, three quarters truck load, half way filled truck, and a quarter filled truck. You are charged based on how much space your load will require.

 2) Labor Cost:

If a certain item is particularly heavy or requires more effort and forethought, there will be a labor cost included in the final price.

3) Dumping Fees:

We are charged to drop off waste into the dump, so there will be a dumping fee added to the total cost as well.

4) Transportation Fee:

As you may know, gas is not cheap and trucks are gas guzzlers, especially towing a trailer, so there will be a small transportation fee added to the cost.

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